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In-Your-Face Organic

John Patrick Organics 2010

A new breed of eco-designers is emerging, bucking the trends and shucking the labels of “eco” and “green” in favor of simply being great designers whose clothing is, first and foremost, beautiful and creative.

For them, environmental responsibility isn’t a selling point, a mark of distinction, or a marketing spin. It’s simply a foregone conclusion…and one that requires no discussion.

John Patrick is one such designer who envisions a world in the near future where people won’t ask “Is it organic?” but say instead, “Of course it’s organic!”

Although his unconventional choice of a moody, smoky NY steakhouse was hardly the quintessential venue to showcase a 2010 spring collection, it was a brilliant exercise in irony. By choosing this trendy location that was borderline anti-organic, surprising and even offending some long-time fans, John Patrick transcended the “eco-designer” stereotype. With his new line of luxurious clothes coming to life in this unusual showcase where the audience could interact with the models and feel the sumptuous fabrics they were wearing, John Patrick proved himself to be a fabulous designer…whose clothing just happens to be organic.


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